Fun in the Sun with a Fresh New Do | Dallas

                         Ombre BobOmbre Bob 2

What better way is there to start this summer off than with a fresh new look? Lighten up the hair, take a break from the extensions and start fresh with a flirty new cut. If you’re ready for a new summer ‘do,  take a peek at this seasons trends and do it!

Clearly, the ombre trend isn’t going anywhere.  If you haven’t had your ombre spruced up in the last 3 months, call your stylist and hop in that chair. But, if you are like me and don’t necessarily like following the crowd, you can simply brighten up your hair with some natural, sun-kissed highlights over last years’ ombre to freshen you up and get you ready for some fun in the sun!

Now, as you all know, I love me some hair extensions, but trust when I say that every once in a while it’s good to take a break.  If you do chose to take a little break from them, change it up with a Lob (aka Long Bob).  That way, at the end of the summer when you are ready to have your longer, fuller hair back, it’ll be quick and easy.

So pick up the latest fashion magazine, look at the hair, get a few ideas and call your stylist! Summer is here, so let’s make our tans look better with some hot new hair!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

As we spring into the next quarter, I can’t help but stop and think on how amazing 2014 has already been –  and it’s only April! I am so excited to share this new chapter of my career with my beautiful and amazing clients!

 I look forward to what the rest of 2014 has in store for us.  As a token of my appreciation and love to all of you, I am offering a 15% coupon for your next visit valid through May 31, 2014. Feel free to send this along to any of your family & friends who are in need of a new stylist. You can also find my pages on Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Yelp.  Just search for ‘The Couture Shear by Rosa Marrufo’ to follow, like, leave a review, or share with your family and friends. You can also follow my blog at

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Spring into Spring | Dallas 2014

Spring into Spring

Man oh man am I happy to see this looong winter come to an end! That’s right, the days are longer, flowers will soon start to bloom and before you know it, we will be well into Spring!  Now is the time to revive your skin and hair too! Here are a couple of key things that I would recommend to all of my ladies and gentlemen out there.

First off, your hair has gone through it all this past winter – from extremely cold temps to very dry air – so if you weren’t on top of your hair regimen ( i.e. getting your 6-8 week haircut, conditioning treatments, etc.) now is the time to do so. Now would also be the time to consider a great scalp treatment.  With the drastic weather changes it is very common for our scalps to get dry, which can cause dandruff or instigate flair ups of psoriasis. I would highly recommend what I like to call a “facial for your scalp”. It’s basically an anti- aging dermabrasion treatment that is done in the salon to regenerate and revitalize your scalp with a 2 week following of at-home treatments every evening. This works wonders on those who have issues with itchy, dry scalp.

If your scalp somehow managed to survive the bitter cold winter, but your split-ends are enough to make you want to pull out your hair, girlfriend you need to drop everything and go see your stylist.  Like, now.  Get in the chair and ask for a deep conditioning treatment along with a great haircut.  And if you’re thinking, “Girl, you crazy – I did not spend all winter growing my hair out just to run right out and get it cut again”, listen to Ms. Rosa and know that I did the exact same thing.  But if you want your hair to grow, you have to get it trimmed regularly.  Trust, a deep conditioning and a new ‘do are exactly what you and your hair need to put this nasty Winter in the past and revive your look for Spring.

If you are ready to say goodbye to your ‘Winter Hair”, then wait no longer. I’m offering a special specifically on Deep Conditioning or Scalp Treatments. That’s right, your choice.  And now you have no more excuses.  Bring on the SpRiNg! 

Spring Promo

She said “YES” | Dallas Wedding

Wedding Hair

Once upon a time in a land far, far away lived a beautiful princess blah, blah, blah. So starts every fairy tale we listened to as little girls. This is where we began dreaming of our own Prince Charming. Trust me ladies – every gal has a prince charming – it’s just a matter of time until we kiss the right frog.

After what feels like years of searching we finally find “the one”. He likes it so he puts a ring on it, and so begins the wedding planning process of picking a date, finding a venue, picking the flowers and finding THE dress. Every girl has dreamed of her wedding, but not all of us think about the details. I am here to let you in on one of these little details: the hair.

Every wedding dress has a hairstyle that always ties into a theme:classic, chic, vintage, and elegant. Trust me when I say that your hairstyle is just as important as the dress!!! Most women consider their hairstyle a “minor” detail, leaving it until the last minute. Believe me, you want to take the time to plan this out.

First off, look at pictures, lots and lots of pictures. Nobody knows what works best for you better than you, so find a style that best suits you. if in doubt, talk to your hairdresser – that’s what we are here for!! Once you have chosen a style that you are in love with, schedule a trial run. It is important that both you and your stylist feel good about the style. You don’t ever want to change it up on your “BIG” day, so if you need to have more than one trial, do it.

On the day of your wedding hair trial run, it’s important to remember some small, but crucial tips. One – wear makeup. I only say this because I know that as women we are the first ones to be judgmental about ourselves, so wear makeup to get the entire look. Two – if you are going to have a hair piece or veil, bring it with you. Your hair and hairpiece are key accessories of the dress and all of these elements should flow as one. And finally, if you can, plan on wearing that hairstyle for an entire day – it could be for your bridal portraits or a night out on the town. Make sure that your hairstyle can with hold long hours without wearing out. Nobody wants to end the day with loose hair and loose pins.

Whether you decide to go with a classic undo, a chic chignon, vintage finger waves or an elegant bun remember these little tips that will fill in the little details to your “Big” day…

And they lived Happily Ever After.


Oscars 2014 | Best Dressed

Kate Hudson in Versace at the 2014 Oscars.

Kate Hudson in Versace at the 2014 Oscars.

Let me just start with the fact that the Oscars this year were probably the best ever. Ellen did such an incredible job – she was a hoot! And while the Oscars is most famous for its judgmental red carpet, the performances of the night deserve a special shout out “Cause I’m so HAPPY”! Seriously though, back to the red carpet. Let’s talk about who floated and who flopped.

My personal favorite of the night was the beautiful and glamorous Kate Hudson, who just knocked it out of the park with this sleek, old Hollywood look. Kate might have not been nominated, but she showed up and rocked the red carpet in a silver Atelier Versace gown. Let’s also talk about her hair… amazing from the color to the style. Kudos to the stylists that put Kate together – BOOM!

Another actress that seems to just keep getting better with age is Sandra Bullock, who simply stunned in Alexander McQueen. So sad that she didn’t win an Oscar, but girlfriend, all I can say is you were ready! Of course, last but not least – Jennifer Lawrence. Listen, if there is anyone who can fall gracefully on a red carpet or on her way to accept her Oscar, it’s this gal. Once again Dior, you did her right. This beautiful red gown fit her like a glove. And the pixie pulled away from her face was genius; it complimented everything. I just loved the entire look. Jen (yes, we’re tight like that) I hope we don’t see you trip for the 3rdtime next year at the Oscars, but if you do, just know that you do it better than anyone!

Now for my least favorite looks of the night. Well, let’s start off with Angelina Jolie. First question, why would you wear a dress that ages you so badly? And secondly, why choose a dress that will make you look frumpy? All in all this was definitely not your best choice for a red carpet event. Another horrible disaster that walked down the carpet was Liza Minnelli. You have to admit, you can’t get mad about being confused as a drag queen, but come to think of it you probably should have just stayed home in bed since you were already in your horrible blue pajamas… at least they were silk. Let’s not forget about the tacky matching blue peek-a-boo color in her fringe… haha barf. Now onto Pharrell Williams, who decided to go completely formal with shorts.  Really?  Dude, it’s the Oscars. You dress to impress, in case you didn’t get the memo. In the words of Giuliana Rancic “PHARRELL, what in the PHARRELL were you thinking!”

So on that note, I say cheers and congrats to another successful Red Carpet Season!  I can’t wait for next year already! Besitos to you all.

Golden Globes 2014 – Home Run or Strike Out?

Luptia Nyong'o

2014 couldn’t be off to a better start with Red Carpet Season! I am so looking forward to this award season; not only was 2013 full of amazing new shows but the movies…. ugh I am so obsessed! The best part is seeing all of these amazing actors and actresses come together and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Granted, I’m sure that everyone secretly wishes the winner trips up the stairs (especially when you were one of the other nominee’s *giggle*). What they might not be aware of is the game they are playing by walking down that red carpet…. Did you strike out or did you knock it out of the park?

So many great looks to choose from… but you know me, there are only those few that just look so good you can hardly stand it. For my top picks, how about we start with a woman who not only has a powerful, fierce look off the red carpet, but for her to have her red carpet debut and just rock it is none the less impressive! So let me just say Lupita Nyong’o looked spectacular.  And as I mentioned, this is her first red carpet event EVER and she showed up taking such a fashion risk with the cape… ummm hottness. Kudos to Ralph Lauren for this spectacular gown, but major kudos to the stylist for finding a gown that complemented Lupita in every way. From the color, to the fit, down to the cape, even down to the makeup and hair! Congrats Lupita for winning where it counts: the RED CARPET!

My second favorite look was Olivia Wilde.  That is one hot momma! She looked amazing in her green Gucci dress, but her best accessory was the baby bump! Let’s just say this is what every expecting mommy wishes she could look like! I mean, I see this and I’m like, alright maybe having a baby bump won’t be ALL that bad. Haha – here’s to HIGH HOPES! Way to rock the red carpet Olivia and congrats on your newest addition!

The hardest part is only choosing one more favorite…so I’m not going to choose just one! My other faves were Taylor Swift and Cate Blanchette.  First off, they both had two totally different but both equally beautiful (compliments of Carolina Hererra and Armani) gowns.  But what really set these two different looks apart was a very similar pinned up bob! The flirty curled look on Taylor looked amazing in her two toned dress, gorge! The sexy sleek bob Cate Blanchette rocked served only to compliment the sultry lace dress.  With this many gorgeous looks it was just too difficult to choose just three!

Over all, the Golden Globes were amazing… but of course we have our ladies who will just never learn. Contrary to popular belief,  a gown that has fluttery flowers hanging off of it is not beautiful, looking like a banana is a fail, and hair is crucial – enough said. So Drew Barrymore, Lena Dunham, and Amy Adams, go home, take notes and try not to strike out at the SAG Awards.  Trust, I’ll be watching you.

Beautiful Youthful Skin | Nerium AD

As someone who is creeping up on her late 20’s, I have really taken skin care seriously over the last two years. I make sure to visit my aesthetician regularly, but most importantly I am uber religious about using my Nerium AD every day – morning and night. I am not usually one to push products, but ladies and gentlemen… trust that the results even seen on men are unreal!

What is Nerium AD? Basically it is an anti-aging cream that was rooted in a scientific discovery that has turned into the miracle cream that will make you look 10 years younger.  On top of that, it takes care of seven things in ONE bottle, which is huge, I know.  I have been the queen of buying a series of different creams or products for this, that or the other. With Nerium AD I have been able to not only tackle the, ahem, few deep wrinkles that I have, but also the fine lines and wrinkles that have now started to show their ugly little faces.  It helps with skin discoloration due to sun damage, blemish scars, uneven skin textures, aging or loose skin.  My personal favorite, and sadly the most beneficial, is how it tackles enlarged pores.  Needless to say, I am sold.  I have been using this product religiously since April of 2013, and nine months later I can tell a huge difference in my skin.

I incorporate Nerium AD into my daily regimen by using it just after I’ve washed my face.  While my face is still slightly dewy, I mix roughly 4-5 pumps of the day or night cream with a few drops of water and apply liberally to my face, neck and chest.  I’ve found that Nerium AD to be instrumental in combating sun damage.  Any residual product gets immediately applied to the backs of my hands, because, let’s face it ladies, our hands are a dead giveaway for our true age!

Still skeptical?  The best part about Nerium is that is has a 30 day trial period; if you don’t like or believe in the product, return it!  No questions asked, money back guarantee.  When you realize how much you love it (because you will) just refer 3 friends and you’ll receive your shipment of Nerium AD Morning and Night Cream for FREE! To get your pretty little hands on this miracle cream just go to and you can either click on the purchase button or you can click onto the ‘Contact Me’ link on the upper right-hand side. This phenomenal product will be at your door within days of your order placement, so don’t wait another minute to open the fountain                                                                     


HIM Nerium before and afterHER Nerium Before and after