Change is a good thing!

                                       Change 1 change 2

People fear change.  All change.  Whether it’s a simple change, like switching from Coke to Diet Coke, or a big change, like leaving one career for another field entirely, change can be scary.  When it comes to our hair, change is particularly challenging because we are opting to change something we already know works.  But, my friends, I am here to say “Do it!  Go for a change!  It’s a new season, it’s a new you so embrace change and go with it!”

How to transition from “I like my hair” to “I LOVE my hair”?  First things first, do your research.  Collect photos of styles you like, colors you may think look good and cuts you find flattering – whether you want to go from blonde to brunette or long to pixie, photos are an important key to showing your stylist the look you are going for.  Let’s face it, half the time we struggle to describe to our stylists what it is we “really want” because we don’t fully know ourselves.

Second, make sure you have a stylist that will embrace the change right along with you, but also has the expertise to maybe talk you out of those pink highlights if she thinks they might wash you out.  Listen to your stylist when they explain realistic expectations  – can we achieve this color without compromising the integrity of your hair; will this hair cut suit your face shape; can you pull off bangs, etc.

All of these are important factors to take into consideration before hopping in the chair and committing to the change.  But, if you are in the right chair, you will go from “I like” to “I LOVE” in no time.  Remember –change is good!

Change $Change 3Change5


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